KorduroyTV Gets Sponsored

July 12th, 2010 San Diego, CA. KorduroyTV is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with POS Clothing. While exact the details cannot be disclosed quite yet, this long term deal includes photo incentive, stock options and the rights for a flagship store. Cyrus has also been named brand ambassador and will have his own signature line.

“Many people have wondered how Korduroy.tv has been funded. A few months back I was approached by POS Clothing CEO Johnny Fascash. His desire to take POS into the core surf demographic and our goals for expanding our website created a partnership that we’re pleased to unveil today. POS is a great brand because it combines eclectic design with active lifestyle sensibilities.”

Johnny Fascash of POS said “Korduroy is the S#$%! It’s my favorite blog for sure!”

Check out the below clip to learn more about POS.

Video made by… http://www.funnyordie.com/themidnightshow

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