Living the Dream

Surfers aren’t the only one’s who may choose to live day by day, maintaining a vagabond lifestyle just to catch the next wave. You can find these diehard and dedicated athletes in almost any sport out there. As long as they can continue doing what they love, they will go to any extreme to stay stoked…even if it means driving an old car, having less, and maintaining an empty bank account. Stoked and broke, right?

As in the case of this guy, Renan Ozturk, a climber and filmmaker, he’s living his dream. Rock climbing is his passion and he doesn’t mind a little “less of a standard of living” (according to what society says) to do so. Check out a day in his life of climbing bliss…

And here’s a making of “Living the Dream” where you can see outtakes and the POV rig that he constructed.

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