London Surf Film Fest Shorties

As part of the London Surf/FIlm Festival,  there is a short film contest open exclusively to British and Irish filmmakers – it’s about showcasing the wealth of creative talents locally.

There are 18 films long-listed for one award, and voting is open to everyone worldwide. We picked out four of our favorites and have information about those below. Or you can check out the full list and vote here. Voting ends this Sunday, Sept. 14!

KTV Faves:

California Dreaming

Dir. shot by Simon Cotter features British longboarder James Parry with some of the water photography by Cyrus. VOTE HERE:

Man and Sea

Dir. Ed Andrews features paipo glider Brian Himlan. VOTE HERE:

Out of the Black and Into the Blue

Dir. Luke Pilbeam is a story about drive, passion and ambition and what it means to put everything into something and gamble it all. VOTE HERE:

*Slider photo by Ryan Baine

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