Longboarding in Spain

Longboarding is relatively new for Spain, and local filmmaker Jan Latussek says the scene that has evolved in recent years is as diverse as the cuisine and the people of the different Spanish regions. He’s started an online community, The Wavepeople, to gather all that diversity into one place, so Spanish longboarders and those just riding through can have a place to share some stoke.

Longboarding in Spain 4

To honor what started in Salinas when famed longboarders Alex Knost and Mitch Abshere came to Spain, he’s re-encoded original footage from the 2008 event, and turned it into a nostalgic look back at where it all began. Three years after that in 2011, Salinas became the first international venue of Joel Tudors Duct Tape, putting Spain on the longboarding map of the world.

Check out the video here and join The Wavepeople here: https://www.facebook.com/thewavepeople.

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