Lorne Acheson x Adam Dewolfe

Lorne Acheson is a humble Canadian shaper/family man who makes high quality boards, mostly influenced by the old methods of design, under the name Ark Surboards.  He’s only been shaping for a handful of years and for sure has a gift. With a design background, Lorne makes hands down the most beautiful retro fishes, quads, Simmons inspired hulls and longboards to come out of Canada.

He is currently working on a sick little board for me, a 5’6″ Simmons multi-fin set up. I really wanted to be able to have as many feelings as possible with one board and Lorne came up with the “Transformer” centre longboard fin box and side future boxes.  So we can make it a twin fin, 2 plus one, twin finner (small centre fin, twin fin), single fin, no fin. Awesome.



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