…Lost + Pilgrim Surfboards Team Up On A Rad Board Collection

…Lost and Pilgrim Surf + Supply have collaborated on a special limited run of surfboards. Watch, learn and be mesmerized.

…Lost + Pilgrim Quiver Killer featuring Chase Wilson from Pilgrim Surf + Supply on Vimeo.

Here’s how it all went down:

 Pilgrim owner and founder Chris Gentile interviews …Lost owner and founder Matt Biolos

CG: About these boards you made for us — the concept we came up with was to create a minimal aesthetic while keeping it fun, by drawing attention to the craft and craftsmanship. How does this fit into the realm of things you do? Who is this surfboard for in your mind?

MB: This surfboard is for a guy who appreciates good looks as well as performance. These are beautifully built boards with some style. They want to look good and have a really cool handmade piece of equipment that’s unique and doesn’t look like all the other boards at all the other surf shops along the coast. They are really well thought out, and the tapered stringer gives it a little stiffer entry in the front half of the board, it’s more firm, it paddles fast. There’s a little spring and flex in the tail, a little forgiveness under the back foot.

They’re slight spins on some of our performance proven designs, and they’re glassed up by who I think is consistently the best surfboard glasser in the world today. The whole world has guys glassing crazy fancy boards now, but what Paul Lefevre (The Son of Cobra) from France, is doing putting it on a production level, he’s doing it day in and day out. He’s not sitting in a hobby shop making one or two beautiful surfboards. He has it down to a production science. They’re glassed beautifully.

We took the time to change the laps, so the laps are smaller in the nose where the stringer is wider. Then we made the laps bigger in the tail where the stringer is thinner to balance the flex out. It’s not just aesthetic, it’s for performance. The stringer gets pretty wide, 12” up front in the nose,  so what we did was we tapered down the laps. We made the laps shorter on top and bottom to retain some flex, because the C-shape of the lap is like a dollar bill when it’s folded, it tends to get stiffer, so the shorter the C is of the lap, the more flex it allows. In the tail, the stringer turns almost nothing so we kept the lap standard there. It looks bitchin’ and it works with the flex and performance.

The logos are incredibly unique, they’re designed by your crew there so it adds a whole other look. Maybe it’s for the guy who’s always been interested in …Lost as a performance board but never really connected with our look, our aesthetic, or our branding. This gives them an option. I think it’s the guy looking for a point of difference. He doesn’t want to look like the guy with the standard …Lost logo big emblazoned on his white board that he buys at a typical surf shop. It’s a part of the market that I’ve always appreciated.

Also check out the full interview here and the complete board selection!

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Thanks to Lost Surfboards and Pilgrim Surf + Supply

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