Meet Barbarian

Barbarian is a relatively new band based in San Diego, playing trippy psychedelic surf rock. We caught up with them at a local show a few weeks back and thought they were the kind of people you might like to know. Here we’ve covered the basics — from band member names to touring destinations to funding record releases — with lead singer/guitarist Andrew Mills. If you’d like to know more, just ask!

Barbarian is: 

Andrew Mills (vocals, guitar)

Seton Edgerton (lead guitar, back up vocals)

Dan Nichols (keys, back up vocals)

Phil Dupasquier (bass)

Andrew Harner (drums)

How long have you been playing as Barbarian?

I started writing songs for the project in November 2011, got some guys together are I think we played our first show with Yellow Ostrich and local band Ditches at Soda Bar in February 2012.

How would you describe what your music sounds like, to your mom, say, if she had never heard it?

Yeah that can be a tough question, but for Mom’s sake I guess psychedelic rock n’ roll. For a more esoteric description, I’d say post-punk surf psych. For fans of Joy Division, Doors and Nick Cave.

What is your favorite show you’ve played in San Diego so far? Why?

That’s a tough question but probably when we played with The Growlers at The Casbah and a show we just played with Allah Las. I really love both bands, the shows were sold out and we got to play with our really good buds New Mexico on the Allah Las show so that was a plus. The residency we played at Soda Bar back in January was amazing too because we got to play with so many different bands from San Diego, LA and NYC and just made a lot of new friends those nights.

So you recently released a 7″. A lot of bands struggle to find funding for that. Did you guys do it all yourself?

Yeah I definitely want to make all our releases available on vinyl, first and foremost because it’s a medium we all hold dear because of it’s tangibility, and they’re just rad. We have been a DIY band since the beginning and paid for the recording, mixing, mastering and vinyl production. It’s definitely not cheap but soooo worth it.

Where are you most stoked to tour to?

We just did a little West Coast tour…2 nights in SF, Oakland, LA and Long Beach with our friends WILD WILD WETS and that was a blast and it was great to see new faces in each town. I would love to do a full US tour but unfortunately there’s no money in it and it’s so difficult to just break even. We have been getting a lot of love in the UK, Europe in general and Australia so I would really like to do those areas soon.

What’s next for you? Is there a full-length in your future? Any upcoming shows we should be sure not to miss?

We’ve wrapped up a new EP that will be released on vinyl and digital in July via Manimal/LOOSE vinyl. The first single should be out early May on our Facebook, bandcamp and Soundcloud pages. We’re gonna shoot a video for one of the tracks in the upcoming weeks with an amazing young director out of LA named June Zandona. She’s done some rad videos with Crystal Antlers. We’re playing a show with White Mystery at the historic Che Cafe Monday April 22, and a free show for our friend Leetal Elmaleh photography at the La Fayette Hotel in association with Surfrider on April 25. We are just super stoked to release this new material and are already writing for a full length so deifinitely not slowing down any time soon!

Of course the best way to get to know a band it to listen to their music, so check Barbarian out on Bandcamp here [link]. All photos by Leetal Elmaleh.

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