Messages – Art Show

An Insight & Overview

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Typography will always be our first love when it comes to all things design related. There is nothing that comes close to the universal need for letters to communicate a message for any number of reasons. We prefer the playful approach, an adaptation of the reason we have the words “STOP” on a sign. To inform and get attention, to provoke thought, to question at times and at others to laugh.
The Messages series began out of curiosity and boredom, using an old ink jet printer, some watercolor washes, and quoted sayings that felt relative to the times as we put the ideas of ourCaste together. It grows with us every year, and always lends a place for us to shed a little insight into the feelings of the brand seasonally. The Messages shared are thoughts and emotions flowing through our creative space, adapted and interpreted, and shared with you here.
Occasionally, we take a select number of Messages, create large format versions of them, and bring them into seemingly unnatural environments. From the Newport Beach Coast- line, barren Johnson Valley deserts, and underwater play- grounds of South Florida, we like observing these Messages and their letters in environments that you more than likely would never see them in. It’s the interactions that happen here that we get really stoked on.


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