Mexi Log Fest

MXLF is a conscious, inclusive and fun event, with some of the best classic long boarders. Four days of surf, music, art and photography, local and international brands, and much more!

Mark your calendars: The Classic Longboard Surf and Lifestyle Festival in Saladitas, Guerrero, Mexico May 4th to May 7th, 2017

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  • 64 competitors from around the world: 32 men, 32 women.
  • 12,000 USD in prize money divided equally between men and women.

Plus, the Tag Team Tournament. Teams of four made from a combination of two pro surfers and two local children. Every member of a team is on a different type of board: a log, a soft top, a short board and a paddleboard; each member surfs one wave before paddling in to tag the next member of their team. It is a great way to involve the children and encourage them to get in the water!

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The invite list for the 2017 Sayulita MXLF includes:

Corey Colapinto / Tommy Witt / Harley Ingleby / Mickey De Temple / Ryan Burch / Justin Quintal / Justine Mauvin / Vanina Walsh / Chloe Calmon / Leah Dawson / Lola Mignot / Victoria Vergara / Kelia Moniz / Lindsay Steinriede-Engle / Lauren Hill

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