Mexico Needs Your Help!

Our friends at Quality Peoples are working on a very cool project in collaboration with Hand Me Ups and PEACE. Hand Me Ups is raising $7500 to help rehabilitate PEACE’s community center in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, which sorely needs it. As lovers of the land south of the border (maybe you do too), here is another chance to give back.

About This Project:

Hand Me Ups is excited to announce the expansion of their mission of Providing Opportunity for the Youth of Tomorrow to their very first international project in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico by partnering with Mexico based non-profit, PEACE Mexico. Titled appropriately, the Hand Me Ups International Helping Hand Tour is dedicated to raising $7,500 USD by January 1st, 2012, for the re-development and enhancement of the PEACE community center which serves the surrounding underdeveloped communities with alternative schooling, after school programs, English classes, computer classes, an adult GED program, and job skills training.

A community center like this is an important asset to Puerto Vallarta as it provides the necessary resources needed to conduct dynamic educational opportunities for children and adults by reducing and potentially eliminating the high drop-out rates while improving low test scores, low literacy rate, and low parent to child engagement.

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