What do you get with a wave pool, 52 Canon 7D cameras, Owen Wright, Mick Fanning, and Stephanie Gilmore….? A really rad commercial that resembles The Matrix.

Rip Curl recently went all out on their latest commercial for their super stretchy, high-tech Mirage boardshorts. The crew headed to the Sunway Lagoon Wavepool in Malaysia for 2 days to capture something that has never been done before in surfing. Jetskis slung in the surfers to the mechanical waves and the cameras fired off to capture those rotating freeze-frame shots. Check out the making of…

surf geek note: This technology has been around for a while, basically it works by taking a bunch of pics (in this case 52) at the exact same time. When we watch video or films it is a video or film camera taking 24-30 still images per second, when played back at this rate it tricks our eye creation the illusion of motion, thus the term “motion pictures.” What Rip Curl hired the production company a gizillion dollars to do is bring their 52 Canon 7D  still cameras, and bunch of computers to control the cameras (choosing a single point they should all focus on, firing the shutters of those cameras at the exact same time and taking the 52 frames and assembling them on a timeline in sequential order from left to right or right to left) to  give them just over 2 seconds of “frozen motion illusion” (52 frames divided by 24 frames per second= 2.167  secs.). It’s really not rocket science, except for the cost of renting 52 7D’s, support rigging to hold and control the cameras, and logistics of getting them all in the same place would be a mega bitch. The firing of the shutters can be achieved by one remote flash trigger and 52 receivers (like the ones all surf photogs use in the water for those night shots).


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