Modernist Basque Surfing

If you’ve ever been to Europe on a surf trip, you will know that the Basque region is full of waves, great food, and tons of culture. We got tuned into this film, Modernist Basque Surfing, by Xabi (one of the filmmakers), after the Surfilm Festibal in San Sebastian last month. The short film intertwines the rich culture of the region with some nice longboarding┬á in Biarritz. Below are some words about the short from Xabier Zirikiain:

“This is my first movie, I am actually a graphic artist. I did it together with Iker Trevi├▒o, who is the one who knows about making films. Since surfing started in Europe (in the late 50’s), we have been always been followers when it comes to surf culture. We haven’t had the personality to develop our own thing (not like Australians). So when we thought about making a film we had it clear that we wanted to give it a local twist. We might not have as good of spots or surfers as in the USA, so we had to compensate for this with creativity and roots”

“Our influences come from surfing (Falzon,Kidman) but also from underground European filmakers like Sergei Parajanov or Jean-Luc Godard. We wanted to make the point in the roots for this movie so we shot the dance in Guethary (a beautifull Basque, French small town) and the surfing in Cote des Basques (Biarritz), the first beach to be surfed in Europe. The film is going to be showed in the NY Surf Film Festival next September.”

To learn more about Xabi and Iker, check out:

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