Monthly Roundup: July

Another month has passed us by. They often go so fast in the summer time. But lots of good things happened this time around, like, for example, we launched a new partnership with the incredibly cool tool company Leatherman Sport. And as part of that, we want to hear from you about the #Local_Legendz in your community. So that happened this month. There was a beautiful full moon, plenty of waves to ride and an abundance of surf videos to watch if you had to be stuck inside. Here’s what else happened on KTV in the last four weeks. 


Jay Nelson Local Legendz

The Envision Series // Ray-Ban’s “Never Hide” with Cyrus Sutton

Stuff You Liked on the Blog:


How to Sleep Better on the Road

It’s ironic that some of our worst nights of sleep happen when we’re outside—or maybe that’s just me. Developers rack in the big bucks for selling us sleeping apps that mimic crickets chirping and rain falling, but those same sounds can be like Chinese water torture when I’m actually sleeping in a tent. Since counting sheep doesn’t seem to help, here are seven tips I’ve learned for catching some Z’s when you’re out in the wild…


A Skateboard without Wheels

Who says a skateboard has to have wheels? Certainly not Ooloo founder Erik Johnson. He’s developed a rocking footrest that uses a skateboard deck on top of some half-moon plastic to address the nasty problem of sitting way more than the human body should. 

How to get Started Working with Wood in the Great Outdoors

With a few simple tools and techniques, it is possible to use the natural materials available to the outdoorsman to make all manner of useful and even beautiful things when traveling. Learning to work with wood is not only a great way to connect with the environment but a certain level of proficiency with cutting tools could save your butt if you find yourself having to improvise equipment on an adventure. The subject of working with wood is vast but here are a few basic tips by Andrew Groves of Miscellaneous Adventures that should get you started in your wood working endeavors.

Wandering Education: California in Solitude

Early on a Saturday morning in January, I finished packing the car and as I started rolling away, I looked at my hands and observed them steering the wheel that was taking me away from my regular comforts. Adventure and opportunity awaited as I made my solitary motion from British Columbia to Southern California…

The Right Kind of Maca

While surfers (like Kelly Slater and Jamie Sterling), conscious eaters and proponents of alternative medicines are interested in Maca for the energy, the muscle repair and the ability to get massive amounts of nutrients without over eating, international pharmaceutical and herbal supplement corporations are interested in it for other of the sexier medicinal properties (there are some rumblings of Maca being a potential herbal replacement for Viagra)… 

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