Monthly Roundup: June

On the internet, time falls into a black hole, making it hard to keep track of all the quality content that’s out there for you to browse through. With this monthly roundup, we’re trying to make it easy for you to stay up on the good stuff by telling you the shows that we launched and the popular blog posts that we wrote one month at a time. Today, we take a look back at the highlights from June. Something you liked but don’t see here? Tell us all about it in the comments. 


Surf Sufficient – Body Surfing with Keith Malloy

My Buddy – Korduroy x Wegener Handplanes


Reel Talk with Leah Dawson

Leah Dawson spends half the year in Oahu, filming live professional surf events and the other half of the year travelling the world looking for creative outlets and exploring the ways to live a truly holistic and non-toxic life, rooted in a deep connection to the sea. She is getting more familiar with filmmaking as opposed to strictly camera operating and after watching a cute little short about her favorite old surfboard, Peanut Butter, we asked her to share a little bit about her journey through the world of visual storytelling. 

Auditorium with Kyler Vos – 

Since he started shooting professionally, Kyler Vos says the travel aspect of his job is what he enjoys most.

“Every country, every beach, every wave is so different from the other that you never have a lack of subject matter to shoot.”

The common thread in his photography lies in an appreciation of exploring the outdoors—that’s where he spent most of his time growing up on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and it’s what continues to keep him away from a nine-to-five desk job. In the last couple years Kyler’s split most of his time between Tofino and Haida Gwaii, trying to capture “the culture, beauty and the memory of the subject,” whether it be wildlife or friends out fishing, camping and surfing.

How to Catch the Last German Wave – 

When Ira Mowen was in Berlin, he seized the opportunity to surf the only wave that breaks in the area. Here he talks about that wave and what it took for him to conquer it. And lucky for us, he’s a filmmaker so his quest is documented. Though his tips apply directly to his efforts on this strange wave, the process can be applied to any seemingly insurmountable task you’re hoping to accomplish. 

Meet Donavon Frankenreiter 

Before Donavon Frankenreiter was a folk singer/songwriter, he was a surfer who carried around a guitar that he barely knew how to use, full of too much self doubt to write or perform his own songs. He was sponsored by Billabong and appeared in legendary surf flicks and classic video games. He learned to play guitar on the road and after performing in cover bands for years, he found the courage to write his own stuff after his now-wife made him realize he had no reason not to. Now, no longer playing cover songs for the same handful of local dive bars, he still tries to get in the water as much as possible but a grueling tour schedule means he has to get creative with how he does it. We had the chance to catch up with Frankenreiter over the phone because he’s coming to town for two shows on the latest leg of his Start Livin’ tour.

Cy & Ed’s Mexcellent Adventure – 


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