Monthly Roundup: September

A lot can happen in a month. Or it can feel like the days floated by and nothing got done. But no matter which camp you fall into, it can’t hurt to take a minute to reflect on what went down over the last four weeks. For our part, these were the highlights of our September. Care to share yours?



Cy’s movie Compassing premiered all over the country and became available for digital download thanks to the good folks at Reef. 


We got an inside look at filmmaker Matt Kleiner’s special relationship with surfer Asher Pacey

Derrick’s Single

Derrick Disney cruised around SoCal with his smooth style

How to Change a Tire

And Idle Theory Bus showed us how to change a tire.


Meanwhile, over on the blog, you thought these posts were particularly interesting, remember?

Audio Interview with GoPro’s Brad Schmidt

“…I had just graduated from film school and he had a little cardboard box that he sent me. I was sleeping on my friend’s couch in Ocean Beach in San Diego trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life after graduating from school. [Nick] sent me a little box and he was like ‘I think this is it, this is the one we’ve been talking about and waiting for.'”

Urban Surfers by Chris Sembrot

Photos of guys who live far from the ocean but still harbor a deep love of surfing.

Spirit of Akasha

To say this movie looks epic is an understatement.

How to Get Started Working with Wood in the Great Outdoors

This post is from a while ago, but ya’ll are still really digging these woodworking tips. Can’t say we blame you.

Tuvalu: Small Island, Big Problems

A small bit of current events to round out this eclectic month.

*Cover photo by Josh Gill

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