Nord by Nordwest Shorts Show Life in the North Sea

This year’s Nord by Nordwest Surf Film Festival, April 3-5 in Hamburg, Germany, features international highlights of indie filmmaking such as Spirit of Akasha, Slow is fast, Deathbowl to Downtown and The Salt Trail. Also on the menu is a selection of shorts that show the cold but surf-filled life on the North Sea. The surfers in these nordic nations of Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the east coast of the UK share a special kind of brotherhood as they battle the unique challenges that come from surfing in freezing temperatures. But while they’re all connected by this cold water, each area in the region has terrain that is specific to that area, which makes it interesting to watch films that highlight each spot for its individuality.

Holland is all abut jetties and sandbanks; Germany’s surf is focused around the island; Denmark is working with reefs and bays; Sweden has amazing rocky pointbreaks with offshore wind and waves that peel like you wouldn’t believe. The Homegrown Shorties series at Nord by Nordwest on April 5 at 11 p.m. will showcase all of these.

Get more information about what to expect from the whole festival and flip through a digital magazine with information on filmmakers here:

Film Festival Short Sweden

Sweden, photo by Mikael Pilstrand

UK, photo by Chris Mclean

UK, photo by Chris Mclean

Film Festival Short Germany

Germany, photo by Karsten Kossowski

Film Festival Short Holland

Holland, photo by Ruben Snitslaar

Film Festival Short Denmark

Denmark, photo by Chubby Buttons

Nord by Nordwest Film Fest

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