Filming and surfing on the west coast of Canada is tricky. Our weather and tides are constantly changing and can change fast. You really have to be on it up here to get good waves when they are good and be able to make it home after surfing without getting caught in heavy weather. Raph Bruhwiler, featured in this “NORTH” video, has local knowledge being from Tofino and surfing since he was just a kid.

The first day Balaram and Chase showed up, we jumped on an ice covered boat and made our way to one of the more photo and videoed slabs on the west coast. It was as good as i have seen it, just really clean running tubes from take off to the inside. I was in the water with my housing so a lot of the waves I could only get the first half, but could see them pop out after a good one or hear the hooting after they made it through the inside where the wave actually got more hollow. The wind started to pick up pretty good so we got out of there and bashed our way through the chop for a couple hours back to Tofino.

On the way home from the second boat trip, we ran into a pod of Killer Whales who seemed to be eating herring was our guess. This is something we don’t see every day up here. There must have been about 15 whales swimming around playing, eating, teaching their babies how to hunt, blowing bubbles. Pretty rad. We sat there for a couple hours until it was almost dark and time to race home.

If I had to put the the surf scene in Canada into a couple words, “wild” would be number one. The wildlife we see up here on a daily basis is hard to beat.  “Young” might be up there also. Surfing is still a pretty young sport up here and the lineups are starting to see a more solid number of all around competent surfers.  “Potential” might be another one. Vancouver Islands coast still has a ton of surf spots to discover, which I like a lot and we have a solid group of dedicated surfers who are always up for a mission if there is a chance for a wave or two which makes for great filming.

-Adam DeWolfe

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