OUTside INspiration by Derek Dunfee

OUTside INspiration is a Korduroy feature with outdoorsy creatives that explores what influences them outside their field, this installment features Maker Derek Dunfee. Derek is a multi-talented big wave surfer who shoots amazing photographs, writes, and makes videos.

I’m influenced by a lot of different people and things, some you’ve heard of, others maybe not. Here’s my list of those who have influenced me throughout my life. -DD

Savador Dali

I’ve always enjoyed Dali’s art, but I was surprised to learn that he’s also an actor, published writer and good at sports.

Jeff Bridges

One of my favorite actors and he’s also an amazing photographer. He has really cool pictures from all his classic films. My brother Taylor said he spoke in front of his class at the Brooks Institute of Photography. 

Bob Marley



I took a Rhetoric and Writing class at SDSU and learned more about his ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’.  King wrote this letter from jail in response to a statement made by 8 white Alabama clergymen. King was criticized for his non-violent protest in the streets. I was blown away by the way he crafted this letter. King’s word choice and positivity, among other things, influence me to be a better person in and out of the water.


Richard Avedon

Love his portraits!


Eckhart Tolle  The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

This book teaches people how to slow the brain down and be more present in everyday life. A lot of times when I chase big waves I get a lot of anxiety, so this book help’s me conquer my nerves and have a good time no matter where I am.


Guy Borudion

French fashion photographer. He didn’t collect his work and he wanted his work destroyed after his death.


Taylor Dunfee

My twin brother – Artist – Photgrapher – crazy person – surfer – big influence – Taylor never stops! (Pictured at top of article)

Zach Wormhoudt

Zach’s dad built the oldest skatepark in California, Derby Park in Santa Cruz. Zach went to Cal Poly and now works full time building skateparks with his company Wormhoudt, Inc.  Zach’s been dominating Mavericks since the early nineties and has competed in every Mavericks surf contest. He was the first person to take me out to Mavericks.


Evan Slater

Bossman at Surfing Magazine for a long time and big time inspiration. Evan has been charging big waves for a long time and was a big help to me when I was starting my surf career. Evan is a great writer and recently made a book with Pete Taras called Swell: A Year Of Waves

For more of Derek’s work, check out his Makers page.

OUTside INspiration examines what inspires creative surfers that may have nothing to do with surfing.

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