OUTside INspiration by DOUGIE MANN

Ideas come in all shapes and sizes. For this installment of OUTside INspiration, Dougie Mann, co-founder of URT Clothing, cut together a collage of images and text to introduce us to his family, friends, and historical figures who play a big role in fueling his creativity. Pretend you’re leafing through a scrapbook dedicated to a few of his favorite people. Since the text can be a bit hard to read on the interwebs, we’ve transcribed the message beneath each photo.

Dan Mann

He makes surfboards that are truly light years ahead of everyone else. He has pushed the limits of foam, carbon, and shapes —- Through the pure functionality of his boards comes an aesthetic that is about as raw and bitchin’ as it gets. He is an example that you can make family your first priority in life and still meet your professional goals. I have admired him my entire life.

Kristyan Stjerne

Better known as “Kish” —- He paints some pure stuff. He draws inspiration from Aboriginal artworks, surfing, and his yoga. He is on a journey to “BEAM” his stoke into everyone’s hearts.  You’ll feel it when you see his paintings, surfboards (that he designs with my brother, Dan Mann), him in person. His journey has taken him to Bali – I think he is going to find the same thing Gauguin did (below).

Paul Gauguin

When Paul Gauguin went to Tahiti, he became the artist that I love. Imagine leaving France in the late 1800s onboard a wooden ship bound for a make-believe land. He not only realized the benefits of this, but also was able to embrace the Tahitian culture. At this point his paints matured – he rocked the art world with his Tahitian beauties in classical French poses.

Scott Andrews & Jeff Yokoyama

Scott is the right-hand man of Jeff ‘Yoki’ Yokoyama. He has the ability to design products from start to finish and makes sure that every aspect is extremely different, loved, and cool.

The pic above is one he took of his look book for Generic Youth. They had a booth next door to URT at Launch LA —- That and the free drinks made it very much worthwhile! Both Scott and Yoki have welcomed my strange ideas with open arms – they have seen exactly what I was trying to say, and have the language to guide me in the right direction (at least I hope that’s where 😉 ).

Hayley Mann

She has the gift of coziness. She has made our little apartment a place that would drop the jaws of even the most incredible of bayfront home owner’s eyes. I have had the pleasure of firing up early Sunday mornings and watching her magic happen at the flea markets in Pasadena, Long Beach, and Irvine. She can practically jog through the aisles and mentally sort through all the good and bad items, while I am scratching my head trying to figure out which way is up! She now works in Corona Del Mar at Bliss Home Design.

John Wayne

He developed a persona and aesthetic with his movies and life that truly define an era in the United States. He embodies what most guys would like to be. How much more inspiring could you get?

Lance Mann

My entire life I have admired my dad. He goes through life with the ability to spread love and stoke to absolutely everyone he meets – my dad can’t help but go out of his way for other people, and make them feel like the only person in the world. He has a creative side – his home is brilliantly and carefully arranged – he makes holiday signs that are minimal, impactful, and iconic. I never cease to be inspired by him everyday.

Alice Neel

Her paintings depict the true feeling of humanity. She brings to the surface the feeling that people feel about themselves – awkward and a little bit uncomfortable. Her freedom with perspective really makes this work, (and) combined with her color choices, create a hand-made but professional quality that I think is great. There’s a movie about her on Netflix – she lived a bohemian lifestyle, and I guess her kids weren’t too stoked on their childhood – she is definitely kooky.

Kelsey Brookes

His paintings hit you hard, but then draw you in. Kelsey weaves a world of energy that is inspired by his background in microbiology… His paintings keep on giving when you begin to realize the care and precision that goes into them despite their seemingly explosive feeling. He has an ability to transfer precision into explosion puts you in a whole different world. He is also a bitchin’ guy – which is really important, and something a whole lot of artists say about themselves, but probably don’t have it said too often behind their backs.

Vincent Van Gogh

He reigns supreme in the art world. I have read just about every book about his life and art and seen many of his works in person. He is a self-taught artist, with very little finesse, when you compare it to other work of his era – however, through sheer will-power he painted images that were completely opposite of what was accepted as bitchin’ back then. His work ethic was uncanny – he only painted for 10 years – in this time he generated 860 oil paintngs, 1300 water colors and drawings. He handles paint with pure raw energy… Throw on ‘Don’t Tread on Me‘ by Metallica – you’ll understand (you should probably be alone, because otherwise people might think you’re a meathead)… Just what you would expect from a firey Dutch Red Head.

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