Paddle To DC // A Quest For Clean Water

As surfers, our love of water binds us as an unwavering common denominator. Fighting to protect the places and resources we love is something we’ve done since day one: Saving Trestles, Puta De Lobos or our beloved reefs that are slowly fading with warming, more acidic seas.

Rivers and streams feed our sandbars, reefs and beach breaks with cobbles, sand and nutrients, which in turn nourish the ecosystems we are bound to as surfers: these are the coral reefs, kelp forests, inter-tidal zones and coastal seas.

There’s a fight going on 100s of miles from any ocean, but it’s a figh that should concerns us because we love clean water and access to wilderness, and know the priceless value of nature.

Here’s a look into Save The Boundary Water’s campaign, which aims to protect our most visited wilderness area, one at risk from mining operations that will surely destroy part of the Boundary Water’s delicate ecological fabric. Is corporate greed and unbridled resource extraction at the expense of wilderness, a public resource, worth the risk?

Paddle to DC: A Quest for Clean Water from Save The BWCA on Vimeo.

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