Patagonia Presents: Unbroken Ground

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We are in the midst of an environmental crisis of global proportions. Our ecological footprint has left our rivers and seas, grasslands, wetlands and forests balancing on the brink of collapse. But there is  time to repair what has been damaged and change a paradigm rife with shortsightedness, one guided by a driving principal to maximize profits at every turn, at all costs.

As consumers and stewards we have the power to harness our energy and the innate power within each dollar we spend to change the paradigm that shapes our planet and the food landscapes that nourish us. With an intention to adopt regenerative and ecologically minded practices into the ways we grow and harvest crops, steward our top soil, manage water resources, raise livestock, practice animal husbandry, and harvest wild animals from the land and sea, we can blaze a trail forward with the support of a community all pointed in the same direction.

Patagonia Provisions - Bison of the Cheyenne River Ranch, South Dakota

Patagonia Provisions presents Unbroken Ground, a Chris Malloy and Farm League original film that illuminates the work of four pioneering groups of stewards working to adopt innovative and age old practices that honor the integrity of our natural resources. The Land Institute, The Cheyenne River Ranch, The Bread Lab and Lummi Island Wild offer striking examples of stewardship steeped with best management practices that afford a level of productivity with the potential to influence a paradigm shift that may change the function and structure of the way we grow, harvest and manage our natural resources resources.

Patagonia Provisions Product 1 Patagonia Provisions' Unbroken Ground - Chris Malloy, Farm League Director off the coast of Lummi Island Patagonia Provisions' Unbroken Ground - Heirloom beans from the Bread Lab

What’s the incentive? Providing mindfully harvested foods and animal products to feed our growing planet will ensure our grandchildren have the opportunity to run their fingers through loamy topsoil, witness a sea of prairie punctuated by a roving herd of bison, eat a loaf of bread made entirely from perennial wheat (yes, perennial wheat – it exists!), or stand at the edge of a gin clear stream while thousands of wild salmon make their way home to the very waters from which they were born.

“Revolutions start from the bottom. They never start from the top,” notes Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard in the film. “At the bottom are these people who are willing to break the paradigm. Putting a small group together, all believing in the same thing, all going in the same direction… you can’t believe what we could accomplish with that.”

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Patagonia Provisions' Unbroken Ground - Chris Malloy and August Thurmer on the Cheyenne River Ranch, South Dakota photo- David Burden Patagonia Provisions' Unbroken Ground - Dave Headland of the Bread Lab Patagonia Provisions' Unbroken Ground - Lummi Island Wild Fishery Patagonia Provisions' Unbroken Ground - the nomadic Lakota prople (2)

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