Patagonia’s Truth to Materials Collection

“It all begins at the source.”

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Patagonia has been known to use recycled materials for years, and has even as of late begun manufacturing wetsuit neoprene, or ‘biorubber’ from plants. But they’re stepping it up and applying this philosophy company-wide. Their philosophy is to go BEYOND organic by being completely traceable in where they source their materials and only pursuing the most eco-friendly routes. Undyed cashmere, reclaimed cotton and reclaimed wool seem to be just the beginning.

Truth to Materials honors the purest form of a material possible, be it minimally processed cashmere and wool, or going beyond organic by reusing cutting room scrap that might otherwise be discarded. It’s about discovering the origin of a material and staying as true to that as possible during every step of design and manufacturing.

The clothes in this collection represent a deeper dive into the progress we’ve already made-with materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester-but with less dyeing and processing, fewer virgin resources and an even greater focus on craftsmanship. We call this work “responsible manufacturing” and it’s sure to bleed into what’s yet to come. You have to do it every day and eventually, maybe, you will get better. Failure comes the moment you say, “I’ve got this wired, nothing more to discover here.”

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