Philip Bloom and DSLR filmmaking

With the upcoming KorduroyTV Film Lounge at this weekend’s Sacred Craft event in Ventura, we were inspired to share an influential filmmaker, Philip Bloom. Philip is a UK director/filmmaker who has really grasped a relatively new technology in the film making industry, the DSLR camera. He has been using the HD video capabilities of Canon and other DSLR cameras and has been turning out some amazing imagery, beautiful angles, and has also been inspiring a new wave of film making. We sure appreciate that he willing to share some of his knowledge. He has a great tutorial section on his website where he discusses some techniques and equipment. On top of this, he is constantly finding new ways to use these cameras. Check out his video of Dubai.

You can read more about this Dubai video, the equipment he uses, and his settings at: Also be sure to check out Philip Bloom’s website and blog:

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