Photo Gallery: Gulfport, Mississippi

It has been eight years since Hurricane Katrina racked the Gulf Coast of the United States. That seems like a long time, and unfortunately there have been many natural and unnatural disasters that have destroyed cities nationally and internationally since then. But what is interesting now is the status of the places that were ruined all those years ago. How long does it really take to rebuild? 

The city of Gulfport, Mississippi is still the second largest city in the state, and it lays claim to seven miles of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico. During a 16-hour Katrina storm surge, water levels across the town exceeded 28 feet. There wasn’t much left of Gulfport after that. 

People have started returning to the city, but Maggie Banks, who recently moved back, says morale is still low. So she has elected herself Founder of the Beautification Crew in an attempt to lighten the spirits of her friends and neighbors. To do this, she has taken over the trash cans along the beach, painting sweet little missives in bright colors. She got in touch via Twitter to share her handiwork, and we thought the story was worth a share. Here are some shots of her trashcans as well as the Gulfport beach to give you an idea of the scene down there. 

We’re sending positive vibes out to all the victims of disasters like this one, and we look forward to hearing more about the incredible resilience of the human spirit.

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