Pink Planing Hulls

Michael Sander, a surfer/filmmaker from Rye, NH, sent us this clip of a pink finless craft he made, modeled after the “Lord Boards” that Ryan Burch and others have been experimenting with.

Where did you get the pink foam for your board?

I’ve been using this insulation foam from home depot. After watching RK’s short film about the “Lord Boards,” I decided to try and make something similar out of the materials I had access to.

Any design tweaks or special shaping ideas in creating this board?

No the design is simple, hard rails and little bevel in the nose.

How was the learning curve for riding your lord board? Had you ridden any finless boards prior to this one?

I didn’t have too much trouble learning how to ride the foam, just had to get used to sliding around. It’s probably because I was always surfing my body boards as a grom.

What was your process for shooting yourself surf?

The DIY camera setup…..First call your friends and try and persuade them to stand out in the cold and get a couple of shots of you. If that doesn’t work, find the parking spot with the best view. Set your focus, hit record and go surf.


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