Point Never

Jimmy Newitt is a graphic artist/designer working as Point Never. Originally from South Devon, England and now living between Devon and Santa Cruz, California, Jimmy has started his own independent publication or “zine.” Here’s what it’s all about:

Point Never

I started making my own zines a few years ago. I’ve always enjoyed the whole process of making work with the format in mind, editing, designing and then eventually printing, stitching and trimming the thing into a finished article. A while ago, I made surfing fanzine called ‘Killer’. At the time, I felt as if there was room to explore how surfing could be presented in print. Film has been explored to a greater extent, but to me magazines had become pretty formulaic. The ‘Killer’ fanzine turned into more of a book, which I gave away to friends. I only made 30 copies and it cost me a fortune to produce so I decided to refine the idea and make something more manageable and began working on Point Never.

‘Point Never’ was a moniker I had for a really fickle wave back home; but my thinking lead to the idea of an un-breaking wave and the cyclical nature of surfing. This is a recurring theme in surfing that also plays into being a creative in some form; creativity/art making being without an end, never finished, infinite.

The zine explores broad themes that run through surfing and by extension skateboarding culture. These might include the sea/the city, the nature of creativity, idiosyncratic symbols and language etc. The work doesn’t always reference the act of surfing/skateboarding directly, but rather it might simply suggest some of these ideas. In curating the publication I deliberately aim to bring artists in who maybe work outside of these cultures to widen the visual/literary scope of the project. Many of them create work specific to the concept of the publication, which is the most thrilling part for me personally.

The generosity of all the artists is amazing. They have all been so forthcoming in contributing despite my being unable to offer anything much in return. I think it is a neat testament to the creative spirit, that even in the grip of a recession and with the everyday pressures of just-getting-by these artists will still support creative venture for the sake of making something. I’m so grateful to them for enabling me to bring to life my ideas and vision.


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