Another Day in the Life of Wayne Lynch, Part One

A few months back Cy spent two months in Australia shooting with Derek Hynd, Wayne Lynch, Andrew Kidman, Mark Richards, Simon Anderson, Neal Purchase, Harrison Roach, and Joel Parkinson… to name a few. The following clip is for The Surfer’s Journal’s POV shorts II series and is the product of a week spent with Wayne and his family in chilly Victoria in Southeastern Australia.

“I had an amazing time with Wayne down there, I’d grown up idolizing his surfing and hearing about his contributions to surfing performance and design.  He’s just a really humble guy and we mostly just made fun of each other the whole time. The laughter served to break up the intense interview sessions we did about the fragility of life and complex and often melancholy effects fame has on its subjects.”

Watch the final installment of this two part series.

Take a peek at Wayne’s wife’s art in this InnerView and learn how to play the didgeridoo in this episode of Surf Sufficient

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