Pre-Fab Straw Bale Homes For The Masses Hit The European Market

A wave of research by scientists at the University of Bath in the United Kingdom have lead to the development of environmentally friendly, pre-fab straw houses, which they insist could help meet UK housing demands while introducing an innovative, and eco-friendly housing option.

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The Perks:

Homeowners are promised up to a 90% energy cost cut compared to traditional homes, a saving that certainly adds up over the years. Aside from the energy efficiency, straw has a low environmental cost and is readily available, relatively fire resistant compared to traditional building materials, and his highly durable.


“Peter Walker, who led the University of Bath project, shows a straw bale. The homes are made of prefabricated walls that are timber-framed, filled with straw bales and encased in wooden boards.” – The Guardian. Photograph: University of Bath/PA

To learn more, check out a recent article published by The Guardian (02/09/2016): First Straw Homes Go On Sale

Straw buildings receive industry certification from University of Bath on Vimeo.

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