Primitive Skills


If you ask someone with a business degree, he’ll probably tell you that now’s not the best time to start a print magazine. Craig Allsop and a few of his Aussie friends aren’t business majors and they don’t really care about making something that’s going to blow up. They just finished the first edition of a surf-related lifestyle magazine they’ve cleverly dubbed “Primitive Skills.”

There is not too much actual surfing going on,” Craig says, “the focus is more around the peripheral stuff, what could be called the by-product of surf activity – photo essays, interviews, fiction, non-fiction. All that stuff that naturally comes out from the act of surfing when we’re not actually surfing.”



He’s a college student studying anthropology, so he’s coming from the view that there’s a culture in surfing that defines the people and the crazy things they do.

Anthropologically it’s interesting to see how far the unprofessional surf scene goes on so little money and driven by this personal thing that is somewhat indefinable. I’ve always liked those characters you meet at local spots around the world, 10 year old wetsuit/20 year old board in freezing onshore 1 foot conditions etc. – this is sort of for them.”



They’re not quite sure of the production plan yet, mostly they’re just celebrating that they’ve got one issue in the bag. Check out Primitive Skills Magazine or follow them on Instagram, @primitiveskills, for ordering info and updates.

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