Korduroy x Wegener Handplane Kits


Any mat riding, alai’a loving, carbon-fiber-flex-tail-pumping, or Greenough-inspired-mat-rider will tell you- “The greatest unsolved mystery in surfing is flex.” But none of these even come close to the unique flex patterns achieved by the combination of wrists, elbows, shoulders, spinal vertebrae, stomach muscles, knees, ankles and fins. And adding a handplane to your rig transforms you into a lethal wave sliding machine.

Paulownia wood is the ultimate handplane and alai’a wood- it’s unique water resistant properties will make your board ultra buoyant and long-lasting and its smooth grain and light density makes shaping a breeze.

Our Korduroy/Wegener Handplane kits include a block of paulownia wood with Cyrus’s original template, a piece of webbing for a handle and paulownia sanding block. Blank is approximately 16″L x 10″W x 3/4″ thick.

Learn how to shape your own handplane with Cyrus in this video!

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