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From filmmaker Cyrus Sutton (Under the Sun and Riding Waves) comes a look at the Alai’a surfboard resurgence and the creative world of surfboard builder Tom Wegener.

Tom Wegener and his brother Jon have opened the door to surfing’s future by reintroducing the Alai’a, an ancient wooden surf craft devoid of fins, foam or rocker. Their practical synthesis of eclectic sustainable materials and sleek traditional design has propelled surfing into an exhilarating new realm. At first glance, the Alai’a’s spare appearance belies its unbelievable capacity for speed and maneuverability. Alai’a surfers are redefining performance surfing with critical tube rides, long sweeping cutbacks and drifting 360’s while displaying a grace and flow that is unique to this friction-free craft.

With an innovative half surf film/ half shaping tutorial format,TOM’S CREATION PLANTATION shares Tom’s story while giving you the working knowledge to build your own Alai’a. Shot on location in Australia, Hawaii and California,this DVD pack features a surf film highlighting Alia’a surfing, an instructional in which Tom Wegner walks you through the steps of shaping your own Alia’a and a bonus piece in which his brother Jon goes over the essentials of Alia’a ding repair. Also included is Tutorial booklet, so you have a reference while shaping, as well as a postcard featuring imagery by Cyrus Sutton.

A perfect wave is relative to the surfcraft on which it is ridden. There are perfect waves all around us, its just a matter of opening our minds…


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