Protect Peninsula Mitre Forever

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Adventure for the sake of adventure is one thing, but adventure for the sake of conservation so that one of the world’s last truly wild places may simply exist free from the oil hungry, money hungry, land hungry and power hungry blindly hellbent on converting wilderness to a wasteland just to make a few men richer?

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The Gauchos Del Mar brothers strapped packs and surfboards on their back and walked for 53 days to discover never before surfed world class waves that lie among a wilderness at risk from natural resource exploitation. The wilderness has no voice to defend it’s waves, shores, forests, rivers and mountains, so The Gauchos Del Mar brothers have chosen to speak for the wilderness of Peninsula Mitre, an area of 790.000 acres in the easternmost tip of Tierra del Fuego Province in Argentina.

Nowadays there are almost no pristine places on Earth.

Before it is too late, lets sign the petition to ask the Local City Hall members and the Governor of Tierra del Fuego Province in Argentina to take legal action to protect and conserve Peninsula Mitre, one of the last wild places in the American Continent.

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