Q&A: Where is my office now?

Meet Corey Smith and Emily King. They are a couple, they live in their van and they work on the road. We came across their website Where is My Office Now? and decided to get in touch for some details on their completely mobile life. 

Of this whole living-and-working-out-of-a-van project, they say: “This is an experiment. It’s an inquiry into a lifestyle created by the merging of two historically different paths — the blend of an adventurous nomadic lifestyle, with a traditional 9-5 business career. What challenges and opportunities will arise? What will be learned? In the end, will it all be worthwhile?”

Here’s what we learned from Emily about their journey so far:

How long have you been living in a van?

We left New England on January 28th, 2013.  Two months.

What is the make and model of your rig?

1987 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia

What inspired you to make the move to a mobile lifestyle?

A growing desire in both of us for simplicity, adventure, to see America, meet new people, and pursue passions of surfing and mountain biking. We run a small website development company and recognized the opportunity to take the business on the road using today’s technology.

How do you determine your next destination?

People. On the road we meet people who always seem to recommend places that we must see for biking, surfing, natural landscape beauty, etc. As we progress, we hold these recommended places in our minds, but without an attachment to a particular timeline.  Which is a good thing because occasionally the van will decide for us.  We’ve spent the past two weeks broken down in Sedona, AZ and it couldn’t be better.  Great people, mountain biking and time to get our work done.

What’s your favorite spot you’ve been?

High up on the red rocks in Sedona, AZ.  We are looking forward to Utah next and then the entire west coast for surfing.


Do you ever miss sleeping in a big bed in a house with running water?

When the nights are cold, yes. With the warmer weather finally here things are looking up. Our homemade, pressurized solar-heated shower and hula-hoop shower stall will hopefully keep us warm, clean and happy come late-spring!

Does this experiment have an end date?


What do you do if/when there is conflict between you and your mate?

Fortunately, we have fallen into defined van life roles which helps keep conflicts at a minimum (with the exception of directions and getting lost). If we find ourselves in an argument Corey works it out on the mountain bike, and I’ll do yoga, or kick a wall. Seriously though, we eventually realize the silliness of it all, and that neither one of us is necessarily right or wrong, and we move on.

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