Quiver of the Week: May 25 – 31

With summer south swells pumping, it’s no doubt that these boards are getting used down in Baja by this week’s Quiver of the Week winners, Rob and Barrett. With a cactus board rack, we had to pick this quiver as our top of the week. Do you have an epic quiver? We want to see it…share with us at showusyourquiver.com/submit or tag it on Instagram with #showusyourquiver!

Name: Barrett and Rob (@inittwowhimit)

Location: Los Zacotitos, Mexico

Quiver: L to R

  • 5’6″ Webber “Mini Fish”
  • 5’11″ Sezio custom
  • 5’5″ Surf RX “New Toy”
  • 5’8″ Surf Rx “Pro Toy”
  • 8’0″ Firewire Egg
  • 4’6″ Catch Surf “The One”
  • 9’6″ Shermstick custom
  • 8’6″ Cosco “Wavestorm” (one on the ground behind all others)

For more on their Baja exploits, check out inittwowhimit.tumblr.com

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