Quiver of the Week: Sept 7 – 13

Jacob Danielson and Erik Oskarsson rented an RV and took their kids, 2 and 1 year old on a 1000 km trip north from their home in Varberg, Sweden for 3 days of surf in small peelers in 3 degree celsius water. One dad surfing, the other playing with the kids in the RV. They call it “Pappasurf”. When they told our plans to our local surf shop , “surfers”,  the manager threw a bunch of boards on them to try but their longboards got most action since the waves were fairly small on this trip. A LOT of gear though. They had trouble getting it all into the RV. There was a lot of snow and ice on the road over the mountain pass to the coast, scary stuff with the kids in the car but they got over. Everyone, including themselves thought they were crazy to do this in the middle of the winter.

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Name: Jacob Danielson & Erik Oskarsson

Location: Hoddevik, Norway

Quiver: L to R

  • Erik 
  • Greta 2010 year model ca 2’10″
  • Jake 
  • Eskil 2012 year model ca 2’3″
  • Urban Jungle Mountain buggy
  • Nordic cab trolley- possible to equip with skis
  • Stiga tobboggan
  • Stiga Snowracer
  • Fishing Rod
  • Project seaglass tuna
  • Firewire Sweet Potato 5’6″
  • Minard 9’ longboard
  • NSP 9’2″ longboard
  • Webber Spoon 6’2″
  • 7s Superfish 6’0″
  • Hayden Shapes Shre
  • 2 pair of cross country skis
  • Segebaden Sleigh from ca 1950
  • EuraMobil RV


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