Raph Bruhwiler Innersection

As a native and current resident of Tofino, British Colombia, pro Raph Bruhwiler’s fast and fearless style has expanded the attention of surfing to Canada’s western coast. He and his siblings began surfing at an early age on Mackenzie Beach in Tofino, riding makeshift boards along what was a remote coastline relatively unoccupied by surfers. His hometown has since grown in popularity as an accessible beach spot for Canadians, and he now owns a surf camp to share his local knowledge and love of the sport. Though Raph also travels the world in search of good waves, he has found no shortage of worthy breaks in his native locale. Since surfing and hunting are fundamental pastimes for Raph, this week’s Innersection follows Bruhwiler on his hunt for savage waves and wild animals in untamed parts of BC. Korduroy Maker and filmmaker of this video, Adam DeWolfe is up for ‘Filmmaker of the Month‘ on Innersections.tv right now. Cast your vote!

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