Reblog: How to Build a Custom Retro Skateboard

Here’s a cool project from Fyasko for a free summer afternoon. Although skateboards have advanced so far beyond the styles of the 60s, it’s cool to have a variety of options on hand for different terrains or even just moods. Plus, a board made by your own hands has to be the most satisfying thing to ride. If you make it, let us know how it goes. 

Step 1: Get the supplies

I used the original Super Surfer and traced the outline for the template on the slab of wood. Now grab the jigsaw and start cutting!

Step 2: Sand

Put some serious elbow grease into it! Sand and sand and sand some more!

Step 3: Mark the holes

Used a t-square and the base plate of a truck to align the hole markings. I temporarily fixed the base plate to the board to pre-drill the holes and attempt to keep them as straight as possible. All holes were drilled about 1/4″ to 1/2″ deep because I didn’t want to drill all the way through like on the original. Keep the deck clean!

Step 4: Paint

Maks off the board for a little spray paint. Get as creative as you’d like on this design. 

Step 5: Get the hardware

I went off to the good people at Ladera skateboards to see if they had some trucks that would fit. Found some killer 6″ Gunmetal Pistol trucks and Gunmetal Rounds bearings that will be perfect! Ran to Home Depot to find the right size wood screws that would not go through the deck and then mounted the Gunmetal trucks. Searched far and wide for wheels that would look similar to the original clay composite wheels of the Super Surfer and ended up having to settle on actual roller skate wheels. (Keepin’ it retro)

Step 6: Take it for a test drive

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