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A new short by Darius Devas, WITHIN, recently launched and we got in touch with the filmmaker to see how he captured the waves at this incredible slow motion. WITHIN is the second part of a two-part project that came about when Devas’ friend took his life. The result is a beautiful exploration of what it is to be alive. Watch the clips here and then read about Devas’ 10 year journey to make a film like this, the technology needed to make it happen, how difficult it can be to shoot from the water and what young filmmakers can do to keep at it.

Tell us more about the inspiration behind your film, Within. How has your outlook on life changed?

Essentially the film was inspired by the loss of my friend and a desire to share a positive message about appreciating life. I dont know if the film changed my outlook specifically but it definitely created an opportunity to reflect which I find almost impossible to do in the day to day of life at home.

Ben Lee Darius Devas surf film

In the clip ‘Creating Within’ you said you’ve had the idea for 10 years but have been waiting for the technology to allow the ability to capture what you wanted. What kind of technology were you waiting for? And has the technology lived up to your expectations?

I was waiting for a camera that was able to film super high speed but also compact enough to strap to the front of my board. Luke Morgan my friend in Creating Within found the camera, (called the TS3Cine) online one day and from that moment onwards I was tunnel vision on getting the company Rule Boston Camera to come on board the project. It took two trips to America but finally they came on board. The camera totally lived up to my expectations, I was able to shoot 720 frames per second, which allowed this incredible space to linger on images that are normally so fleeting, I knew it was going to be special but honestly it exceeded my expectations.

Ben Lee Darius Devas surf film

Tell us about your camera set up. What kind of gear were you using? Was there any learning curve to using this equipment? 

So the central film was filmed entirely on the TS3Cine camera but for Creating Within, Caleb, the Cinematographer, used mainly a Canon Mark 2. The TS3Cine was a steep learning curb, we had a very finite amount of time with it plus were in remote area’s with no electricity so it was a constant challenge on many levels. In the water I’d only ever used GoPros so suddenly having something that was so much heavier on the board took getting used to especially when the waves got a little bigger. I have to say I was quietly relieved there were no opportunities to take the rig out in much bigger than what we got as it would have started getting freaky.

Ben Lee Darius Devas surf film

What kind of shots were you looking for? What else went into filming? Looks like pulling into a lot of big tubes…

Of course I wanted to get the hero shot of a big tube filmed from my board but really I didn’t have much specific in mind, I just knew that if I got out there and experimented, the shots would come. It was definitely freaky at times paddling around without the board, alone in waters famous for their big sharks but I had to just put that to the back of my mind and get on with it.

Ben Lee Darius Devas surf film

Any moment in the process that really stands out to you as a highlight?

There were a few sessions at one particular break where the conditions were great for the board cam set up and hardly anybody out, I surfed and paddled about until I could barely move those days, it was awesome. But also just being down in that amazing landscape with the guys, it was incredible, even when the waves were not doing their thing, the coastline down there is like nothing else.

Ben Lee Darius Devas surf film

Do you have any tips to aspiring filmmakers out there looking to realize their dreams?

I think persistence is really key. I don’t think I was particularly skilled when I started out but I was stubbornly persistent and it’s payed off. I also think it is important to have a strong story element in your films and one you really know so you can tell it to its full potential. I think young filmmakers can sometimes get overly ambitions, I sure did! Which is great but telling a story you know really well, will most likely be more powerful than trying to film a hollywood blockbuster on a 5D!

Ben Lee Darius Devas surf film

When and how can people see the film?

The videos from the project are available now online, so if you want to support please subscribe to the Being Here youtube channel and like Being Here on FB. showing your support like this actually goes along way in making it possible for us to keep making interesting and free content.

WITHIN – Breathtaking slow motion waves (narrator Guy Pearce)

Creating Within

CREATING WITHIN – An incredible journey inside waves

Meet The Director of WITHIN 

Meet The Director of WITHIN – In Conversation With Patrick McGorry

*Photos by Ben Lee

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