Reel Talk: Tin Ojeda

Here’s a porno that is safe for work, as long as your boss doesn’t mind you taking a break to watch some killer longboarding. Argentinian Tin Ojeda is about to release “Expencive Porno Movie,” a 45-minute ode to hot experimental filmmaking, of the surf variety. Shot on Super16mm, this is like watching retro footage but with more new school surf styles than you might be able to handle in one sitting. We caught up with Tin Ojeda to figure out where his obsession with film came from and how much fun he had making this movie. But first, peep the trailer.

With the ease and quality of digital these days, why is it film over digital for you? Aesthetics? Process? Uniqueness?

There are so many reason why I choose film over digital and I could talk about it all day. I love everything about film! First of all, the unique look that film has, especially super 16mm, I love the grain and the dust. It’s like listening to a record vs. an mp3.

Technically, film gives me a lot of latitude to work with so I don’t loose any detail from the shot. The whole process is amazing too, from beginning to end, like choosing stock and cameras. And the thing I love the most: it’s that I never know what the fuck is going to come out — the anxiety of getting that film developed and being available to watch later on, I think that’s very addictive in a way. Also, really thinking before shooting, you know every time you hit the shutter it’s money.

I think of film as an art form. I agree that digital could be good for more of documentary or commercial work, but I will never touch a digital camera. It’s not for me.

If there was no film, I would have never made a movie. I just imagine everything I see on film and it inspires me to go out and shoot. Whether it’s surfing or some art scene I create, whatever it is , if I can see it on 16mm it turns me on!

Expencive Porno Movie

Are these choices also represented in the types of surfing and surfboards you are drawn to capture?

I think, yeah. I’m a big fan of all those old movies from the ’60s and ’70s and those were all shot on film logs, mid lengths, etc. I wouldn’t want to film some short boarders ripping.

Expencive Porno Movie

From the trailer, this looks like an art film heavily rooted in a value of aesthetics. Where did this appreciation come from? What compels you to share and create? Is it a feeling you get? A satisfaction? A thrill?

Growing up watching old movies really inspired me to want to make my own one day. I remember the first time I saw “Sea of Joy” I was freaking out. Also, I’m very inspired by other Hollywood directors, French directors from the ’70s that made amazing movies.

I love Grindhouse and Blaxpotation movies from the ’70s. I’m also inspired by new directors like Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, Jim Jarmush and others. I wanted to make something that kind of mixed all that together. A movie that looks like it’s from the ’70s but at the same time is showing whats going on right now.

Expencive Porno Movie

Talk about the cast… Who was the most fun to work with? Who surprised you? Who’s surfing to you admire the most?

I LOVE THE CAST!!! Some of them I have known for a very long time like Detemple and Kassia. Some other ones I meet filming “Daughter” like JJ , Billy, Scotty and now I met even more people filming this new movie like Ryan, Jared. I absolutely enjoy working with all these amazing surfers. Everybody has their own personalities and styles. I think thats the best. I feel like sometimes when you watch certain movies, everybody kind of looks the same, riding the same board and doing the same tricks. These guys each have their own unique style and personal choice of surfboard. I admire everyone because, like I said, everybody is so unique. You can watch Alex getting tubed or riding logs and it’s unreal, but then you watch JJ nose ride or Justin and Kyle trim and that’s so rad too. And then watching Devon surf proper and with the best style!

Also, my personal connection to them, you know, hanging out after shooting, chasing waves together, waking up at 4 a.m. to go film when the light its good. Man just love it!

What makes a surfer “good” in your eyes? 

Style, style and more style. Even if you just stand there but you do it with style, that’s all I need to see.

Expencive Porno Movie

If you had a crystal ball, what is the next trend in surfing going to be? Do you believe in trends?

I think there’s always going to be the shortboard ripping agro competitive side. And that’s going to always be there, that’s what sells, that’s what most kids like. But I love that because makes everybody else more unique. If everybody were riding single fins and logs will be so boring.

When is the film going to be out and how can people watch it?

World premier in New York City July 23 at the East Village Theater. After that, Montauk, Aug. 16 , then California in the beginning of the fall. Then DVD and iTunes, etc. Then the rest of the world.

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