Remembering Tate MacDowell

EDIT Oct 16 2019 via Jeremy Jones: Heavy, awesome, uplifting and heartbreaking couple of days celebrating Tate’s life with family and friends.

I wrote this the last day I spent with Tate. It was an awesome day and I knew most likely my last with him.

IMG_4055Sitting next to my friend, a cane by his side and a patch on his eye.

He is frail but alive and often to sigh.

With a face full of wisdom and pride he looks to the ocean with a sparkle in his other eye.

A man who has been to hell and back again and again.

His whole body in pain except for his brain but he has never complained.

He has put up a fight 10 times his might in which he can give valuable insight.

His life is too short, his son is too young, but this man has done everything that is needed to be done.

He sits on the beach staring into the sun watching his wife and his kid have the greatest of fun.

He has stood from the highest of heights but nothing is a great as this sight.

His life is too short, his son is too young, but this man has done everything that needs to be done.

Original Article:

Tate MacDowell is a soul that inspires filmmakers, action sports athletes, artists, and cancer fighters for generations to come. He will be remembered through the art he created, and people he touched.

Filmmaker, painter, poet, mountaineer, friend, father, husband. RIP Tate MacDowell.


Tate made a name for himself in the action sport industry as a filmmaker by making ski movies and then later editorial action sports films. Based in North County since 2008, he is a considered local legend around these parts. Tate was diagnosed with cancer just a few years ago, and while undergoing treatment he saw a picture of the Grand Teton at the doctors office, he made his decision to summit it (at stage IV of metastatic rectal cancer). TateArt


Heres his film, Mountain in a Hallway, a documentary going into his attempt of finding creating meaning when you’re feeling defeat. The reality of confronting life’s greatest challenges can be beautiful when you start to take advantage of every moment given to you. Even when you’re not diagnosed with cancer. Here’s to Tate MacDowell and his legacy of being a rad individual, savoring ever moment.

Here’s an podcast hosted by Shelby Stanger just a year ago on October 10, 2018 on Summiting Grand Tetons with Chemotherapy.


Here’s a poem by Tate’s + His Photography



A walk within fluorescent caves

All alone, scared but brave

At the end a mountain hung

Reluctant Journey just begun

As I walked

a man would follow

All in black

His hood was hollow

I lost him once

But it was felt

To stop the man

I hurt myself

The path I took

I can’t recall

Focus set

beyond the Hall

Nowhere to run

I tried to flee

To poison him

I poisoned me

Locked and loaded

with no guns

I shot the man

With many suns

Finally I reached the wall

The mountain and I standing tall

I could touch it, feel it, see

Through the mount, reflected me

From his hood

These words did spout

“What truth be found

atop this route?”

To which I smiled

Though I hadn’t yet done it,

Turned and said

“I am the summit”

We love you Tate




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