Robin Kegel & Gato Harói

Robin Kegel is the founder and board shaper at Gato Herói, an innovative longboard surf company based in Capistrano Beach, CA. The name Gato Herói (“Cat Hero”) emphasizes Robin’s unique sense of humor, along with his love of honest, casual surfing.

He designed two boards based on Japanese folklore hero Momotaro and is auctioning them off for the Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief fund (A GlobalGiving Project).

This video shines a light on the art of Gato Herói’s hand-made custom shapes and Robin’s philosophy on surfing.

You can bid on the Momotaro Daily Driver or the Momotaro Smooth Operator.

Each are valued at over $1400, and 100% of the proceeds go to Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fund – A GlobalGiving Project.

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