Sacred Craft Virtual Film Fest Continued…



For those of you who missed this year’s Korduroy “Get Stoked Film Fest” @ Sacred Craft San Diego, here’s a little recap and preview of the films that will be playing online this Saturday Aug. 21st- Tuesday Aug. 24th only on…



“Portrait: Chris Dorsey”

a short by Ryan Thomas

“The Possiblities of Surfing on Snow”

Production Company: Blank Paper Studio
Crew: Boris Benedek(Camera/Edit), Scott Sullivan(Camera/Music), Eric Brandt(Camera), Wolle Nyvelt (Rider)
Locations: Japan, Austria, Usa.

“New Hampshire”

Director : Michael Sander

“The Parting”

Directed by: Jeremy Asher Lynch and Nicolo Gullo
Edited by: Jeremy Asher Lynch
Starring: Andrew Doheny, Angela Doheny, Strider

“Plain Old Planing Hull”

Filmed and Edited by Richard Kenvin

“Kristian Spencer”

by Mick Waters from the film “Little Black Wheels”


Made by French artist Karim Rejeb
An Anti Cyclone Production

“Tarp Pits- Full Length Version”

by Cyrus Sutton

“Monster Boards”

Directed by: Matthew McGregor-Mento
Edited by R. Cardone
Animated by Garrett Koeppicus

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