Nick and I have been working together since 2009 and were mates well before that. I had this idea of making a movie and already had a few clips from Shippies and a trip with Chippa Wilson and Thom Pringle. I knew Nick had been filming with Colborn and Craig so I gave him a call and things went form there. Our first film, ‘Lucid’, was released in 2010.  We made it simply because we wanted to make a surf movie, not for any company or to sell product or and other reason. We had no marketing plan or distributor or any clue how it was going to be received but we didn’t care. It wasn’t important. All we wanted was a movie we were proud of.

Second time around we changed our approach slightly…when we made ‘Lucid’ we filmed, basically, non stop, at every opportunity we had, regardless of conditions or riders.  If someone was surfing – we were filming. And while this got us some good clips, it left the movie a little disjointed. So this time around, we had certain spots and certain people we wanted to concentrate on. Places such as Newcastle Wedge, Governors Island in Tassie and a few spots we knew of in New Zealand. Indo was a no brainer and we also got to another tropical paradise that will remain nameless for now. This has probably taken just over twelve months

We debated over the name Sally for while. We wanted a title that had a little mystery to it and also had a meaning that would provide direction for the film.  We ended up going for Sally as it fit this criteria, and we are using the meaning “A venturing forth, a jaunt” as a link to the travel and adventure that goes hand in hand with surfing.

The final feature will premiere later this year, and will be available on DVD.

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