San Diego Surf Film Festival: May 9-12

Surf film festivals are popping up all over the globe these days. We talked about Nord by Nordwest and their focus on the German surf scence a while back, and just today we learned about the Aotearoa Surf Film Fest highlighting New Zealand surf and filmmaking. But this week, it’s San Diego’s turn. 

Taking place at Bird’s Surf Shed from Thursday, May 9 to Sunday, May 12, the film fest features some of the same flicks that have been making the international festival rounds, like Nathan Oldfield’s The Heart and the Sea. So you haven’t missed anything if you live in San Diego and not Berlin or London. 

We’ll also see work from filmmaker favorites like Joel Tudor, Kai Neville, and our own Cyrus Sutton. From the looks of the schedule, which you can peruse on their website, they have made a concerted effort to choose films that explore a variety of surf topics – from big wave riding (Sine Qua Non) and surf travel stories (Isolated), to recovery processes (Danielle Burt: Chapter 2) and history lessons (Waverider). 

There will be live music, filmmaker Q&As, Bird’s personal quiver collection to admire between showings, and lots of beautiful people. Food and drink are included with the price of admission. Obviously (at least we hope it’s obvious to you), Sunday is Mother’s Day. If your mother isn’t a surfer and wouldn’t appreciate watching hours of surf films on her special day, then plan to make it out for one of the earlier days. Even though you’ll miss the awards ceremony, we’re betting you’ll see some great stuff.


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