What will 10,000 people get you? If you’re San Miguel in Baja, California, Mexico, it will get you your first ever state park next to one of the most intact watersheds in the region. Are you one person? Then you might consider adding your name to this list. To give you a few reasons why taking a few minutes to put your name in an online form is a good idea in this instance, Kyle Thiermann, surfing’s tireless wave activist, has completed this informative video:

Through the campaign, Save The Waves and World Surfing Reserve local partners will be trying to deliver 10,000 signatures from change.org to the Governor of Baja California to show local and international support for creation of the state park. Save The Waves will also demonstrate the local economic impact of the state park through an economic valuation study of the wave.

Being part of the group that makes it possible to create Baja’s first state park. Think about it, then sign the petition here.

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