Seeking For A New Port – MEXICO

After leaving us inspired from his appearance inĀ Stoked and Broke, Glen Horn picks up right where he left off, except this time, in Mexico. He spends a majority of his time down south, living an outdoors life of stoke and appreciation. Episode 4 of the Seeking For A New Port web series take the gang to Mexico….

“The whole idea of the road trip itself was really inspired by the first segment of Teton Gravity Research’s surf movie Shack Therapy; Brian Conely driving his huge truck through Baja’s endless dirt roads to surf alone in perfect remote Mexican paradise. A short part of this journey put a special specimen under the spot light, Glen Horn. Surfer and Surfboard shaper 3 months per year in San Diego, he lives the other 9 months in “Big Red” his RV is a converted ’67 delivery truck. He split this time in between 2 secret locations that he tries to preserve as pure as they were 30 years ago when he first traveled there.”

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