Sergei’s School of Manliness – Teaser


YOLO’ing on the Eastern Frontier

A few months ago Keith Malloy invited myself, Chris Burkard, Foster Huntington, Trevor Gordon, Dane Gudauskas and Ben Weiland on a mission to find surf in Russia’s far East. With rickety ex-military air and land transport our fearless guide Sergei lead us on a two-week romp through the wilderness. Because of him and our cook and translator Yelena, we pulled giant salmon out of rivermouths, work up to Grizzly tracks outside of our tents, gathered an assortment of arctic berries and shredded the clean beach breaks.

This upcoming short film is a tribute to Sergei and his manly ways.

Keep an eye out for release of the short film on around Christmas.

Cyrus Sutton

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