You may have seen the words ”Print is not Dead” floating around quite a bit lately, and it couldnt be more true. With soo much of our lives and communication constantly becoming more and more digital, now is the time That we really need to step back and think about the value behind print. Theres a few artists who’ve been huge proponents in keeping these mediums alive, Brooks Sterling and Julian Martin being two of those. Each art show they collaborate on seems to get better and better, and now with an added componite of limited edition printed zines featuring the artists exhibited, they’re killing it harder than ever. Check out the digital version of the “SEVEN” zine and check out a little interview we did with Brooks Sterling about the show / zine.

So, what is it about having an art show that you can’t just have an art show? Why do you go the extra yard and make a zine?

When Julian and I had our first show together a few years back, we thought it would be rad to make a zine. We found that it was a fun way to collaborate and have continued the tradition for every show since.

Whats your favorite part about the process? Making the zine, the show, the logistics?

The process of organizing a group show can be a little hectic at times. You’re dealing with multiple deadlines and lots of different personalities…but in the end, the opening night of the show is probably my favorite part of the process. It’s when everything has finally come together and the fun can be had by all.

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How do you go about curating the artists and building out the zine?

There is a lot of thought that goes into curating photographers for a group show. I’ve done it so many times that I’ve created a standard formula that seems to work well. Without going into too much boring detail; I try to make sure the photographers will be in town for the opening night of the event, have a body of work that flows well with the other photographers, and is good at getting back to me when I have questions prior to the show. Since the zine is more for fun, we don’t take it too seriously. The photographers usually send Julian and I a stack of their favorite recent photos…we lay them out using InDesign and some of our favorite design trends.

How do you feel the show went?

I think the opening night of SEVEN was great! The turnout was really good and most of the photographers sold a few photos…you can’t ask for more then that.

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What was the the inspiration behind “everything not saved will be lost”?

The quote is from the Nintendo quit screen. Julian had been holding onto it to incorporate into one of his designs…we decided it fit well as the intro to the zine.


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