DIY Knot

In this episode of D-I-Why Not? aka DIY-Knot presented by Leatherman, James and Rachel teach us a few useful knots to help improve a day at the beach. Learning a few simple knots like the Bowline, Clinch, Slip, Square and Tautline is never a bad idea. Who knows when your knot tying skills may save the day?!

Bowline Knot:

Form a small loop leaving enough rope for the desired loop size. Pass the end of the rope through the loop as though making an overhand knot. Continue around the standing end and then back through the small loop.

Clinch Knot:

Pass the end of the line through the eye. Wrap it around the standing end about five complete turns. Pass the end back through the loop beside the eye. Then pass the end under the final turn. Tighten the knot and trim the end.

Slip Knot:

Form a loop in the end of the rope. Prepare a bight in the short end. Tuck the bight through the loop and tighten. The knot can be used as temporary stopper knot.

Square (Reef) Knot:

Take two ropes and cross them (red over blue) to form a half knot. Cross them a second time (red over blue again) and pull the ends tight to form the Square Knot.

Tautline Knot:

Make a turn around a post or other object several feet from the free end. Coil the free end twice around the standing line working back toward the post. Make one additional coil around the standing line on the outside of the coils just made. Tighten the knot and slide it on the standing line to adjust tension.

Camera/Edit James Campbell
Music "Pas De Titre" by Yan Yalego