Flip Flop Pedalin’

Aussie traveller Matt Whitehead (http://korduroy.tv/shows/surf-sufficient/travel-guide-matt-whitehead) spends a healthy amount of his time getting from one destination to another by riding his bike. In order to make his journey a bit more efficient, Matt utilizes his own version of a clip in petal, using flip flops. Instead of having to change into a pedal specific bike shoe, Matt simply slides his barefeet into his comfy sandals which are already secured onto the pedal and off he goes.


  • sandals
  • screwdriver
  • wrench
  • marker
  • scissors
  • screwdriver
  • nuts & bolts
  • grinder
  • L-bracket


  1. Cut sandal to a bike pedal size
  2. Fit L-bracket to petal frame
  3. Grind off all excess from L-bracket
  4. Screw bracket into pedal frame
  5. Mount flip flop to pedal
  6. Attach pedal back onto bike
  7. Ride in comfort
Host Matt Whitehead
Camera Joe Rich
Edit James Campbell
Producer Cyrus Sutton
Music "Along The Way" by The Blank Tapes